When it comes to household tech we often end up forgetting about it quite a bit since we’re in the habit of using it every day. Add into this the fact that housework isn’t the most glamorous of things and we don’t really consider how amazing and time-saving these household appliances are – at least until they break down that is!

Since we are so reliant on them it is always a good idea to not only make sure you’re keeping them in good condition, but also to make sure you’re not falling completely behind with the latest innovations. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, you can really take advantage of some great promotions at this time of the year. So here are some of the household gadgets that you should be looking at replacing for the latest tech.


Televisions are constantly evolving and since they’re probably one of the most used pieces of technology in your home, investing in a new one can only add to and enhance the home entertainment experience. With TVs that are flatter and more elegant than ever, with better sound and of course HD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, connecting all of your devices with your TV is pretty much possible. So if you’ve still got a first generation flat screen without HD options or are even still struggling with a more traditional digital set, now is a good time to check out the incredible new options.

Washing machines

Less exciting than a new TV but arguably more useful, for most people, especially families, a reliable washing machine is a necessity. And by investing in a new washing machine you can actually end up saving money in the long-run off your energy bill since they are now more energy friendly than ever. With speedy wash cycles of less than 30 minutes and even features like twin-wash, and the ability to add to a cycle even when it’s already started, staying on top of the laundry has never been so easy.


Super lightweight, cordless, powerful and with models like automatic robot hoovers, keeping your home dust-free is practically effortless these days. Obviously bag-less hoovers have been around for years now, but even compared to early suction models, hoovers now are so light and both easy to use and empty. If you hate vacuuming with a passion (we know we’re not fans), and always end up running over the cord and bashing into corners, upgrade to a new generation hoover to get rid of the hassle.


Forget sensor lighting, the best lighting these days is connected through the WiFi meaning it can be controlled by your phone or tablet as well as of course by the light switch. Set the mood, or switch on the lights without having to move a muscle. There is already quite a big range of smart lighting options available and this looks only set to grow so why not jump on the bandwagon now? It’ll bring your home bang up to date. If you love this idea then in the same sort of area you can find things like smart thermostats, security lights and even speakers.

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Have a snoop round your home to see what electrical goods are looking tired and dated and start making your wish-list! Since this is one of the best times of the year to get a good deal, start checking out the offers now.